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The Alloy Look and Feel - Screenshots
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The Alloy Look and Feel








Click on the images to see a full size screenshot of the Alloy Look and Feel in action. Please note that the Alloy Look and Feel does not only have a state of the art look, but also comes with a lot of rollover and press effects, that make applications feel more interactive.
exe4j is a very useful tool created by ej-technologies. It helps developers to integrate their Java™ applications into the Windows environment. The screenshot shows nicely the new look and feel decorations for outer frames.
Abeille from Jetaware is a query tool and database browser for PostgeSQL and MySQL. It helps you quickly and effectively analyze and debug your data.
Netbeans, the great open source Java ™ IDE, has a highly complex Swing GUI. This makes it a perfect application for measuring and improving the performance of the Alloy Look and Feel.
JProfiler is a superb profiling tool created by ej-technologies. The custom theme that is used by JProfiler was designed to fit nicely to the ej-technologies' corporate look. Additionally INCORS assisted in improving the overall look of the application by supplying the icons and various graphical elements.

Tejina is an interactive dictionary for Japanese characters. The feedback from testers on the displayed prerelease version was overwhelmingly positive. The screenshots show Tejina with all four standard themes that come with the Alloy Look and Feel (Default, Bedouin, Glass, and Acid).
Do you have a great application that uses the Alloy Look and Feel? Send us a screenshot as a png-file and we will put it on this page with a link to you site.

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