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The Alloy Look and Feel - History
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The Alloy Look and Feel







Release and Change History

Development for the Alloy Look and Feel has ended.

August 12th, 2003 - Version 1.4.4

  • Small fix for background painting of toolbar buttons
  • Fixed getMaximumSize() in JDesktopIcon
  • Fixed implementation of ui for JSeparator

July 8th, 2003 - Version 1.4.3 (internal release)

  • Small fix for maximizing minimizing frames when screen resolution changes
  • Readded classic frame title pane icons

June 12th, 2003 - Version 1.4.2

  • Fix for mnemonics not properly working with JRadioButton and JCheckBox
  • Fix for problem of automatically hidden taskbar not showing on Windows 2000 and Windows XP
  • Workaround for bug in JRE 1.4.1_03 that prevented look&feel decorated frames from being dragged
  • Property to set alignment of title pane text added
  • Property to set adjustment of menu items added
  • Small fix for problem with tabbed pane that prevented the Alloy look and feel from working corrently with IntelliJ IDEA
  • Fix for spinner when used with date editor

April 15th, 2003 - Version 1.4.1

  • Fix for mnemonics not properly working with JButton and JToggleButton
  • Small improvement of resizing behaviour of frames
  • Fix for bug in maximizing/minimizing behaviour of frames
  • Fix for rendering problem with JRE 1.4.1 on MacOS X

March 19th, 2003 - Version 1.4

  • New design for frame buttons
  • Improved frame dragging behaviour
  • Gradient effect for table header
  • French locale added
  • Overall performance improvement
  • Minor bugfixes for password field
  • Minor bugfixes for spinner 
  • Fix for problem with printing gradients in wrong direction
  • Fix for gradient paint problem on Mac OS X JRE 1.3.1 using hardware acceleration
  • Several small improvements

December 20th, 2002 - Version 1.3.1

  • Significant reduction of memory consumption
  • Small performance improvement
  • Alt-Space now opens a frame's system menu when look&feel decorated
  • Ctrl-Space now opens an internal frame's system menu
  • Fix for problem of frame resizing with dynamic layout switched on
  • A TitleBorder has now rounded corners, which fits better to the rest of the components
  • Fix for problem with progress bar in inteterminate state during change of look and feel
  • Fix for layout problem of toolbar separators

November 21st, 2002 - Version 1.3

  • Menus, popup menus, and popups of combo boxes now drop a small shadow
  • Pulse effect for default button introduced
  • Support for palette style outer frames added
  • Support for Japanese locale added
  • Polishing of all themes
  • New constructor of CustomThemeFactory for more flexibility
  • Improved automatic color creation for custom themes
  • Improvement of overall look of tabbed pane
  • Look&Feel decorated frame no longer covers the task bar on Windows when maximized
  • Icon of JInternalFrame now gets displayed with correct width-to-height ratio
  • Fix for NullPointerException occuring when disabled JSlider with painted ticks is used with JRE 1.3
  • Fix for IllegalArgumentException occuring in special cases when size of a scrollbar becomes too small
  • Fix for ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occuring in some cases on MacOS X
  • Fix for tool tip not displaying the acceletator with JRE 1.3
  • Several optimizations for code size and performance

October 16th, 2002 - Version 1.2.1

  • Fix for ClassCastException occuring when border of JRadioButton or JCheckBox is painted
  • Workaround for bug in BasicTableHeaderUI that causes table header to "shrink" when first column's name is an empty string
  • Fix for JInternalFrame ignoring default close operation
  • Slight enhancement of JScrollPane's look
  • Improved caching algorithm resulting in reduced creation of temporary objects
  • Small performance improvement

October 8th, 2002 - Version 1.2

  • Support for look&feel frame decorations added
  • Support for custom themes added
  • Significant performance improvement through optimized painting
  • Support for palette mode of JInternalFrame added
  • Fix for repaint problem of tabbed pane border
  • Visibility of JToggleButton's selected state improved
  • More borders added to class AlloyCommonBorderFactory
  • Functionality for setting 3D background of buttons added
  • Visually enhanced decoration of JFrame, JDialog, and JInternalFrame
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

September 4th, 2002 - Version 1.1.3

  • Fix for memory leak in the painting algorithm
  • Major performance improvement on Mac OS X
  • Fix for transparency problem of rounded corners on Mac OS X
  • Fix for NullPointerException occuring with JComboBox when model is null
  • Support for common borders started (to be extended in future versions)
  • Set background of non-editable JTextField to component background

August 9th, 2002 - Version 1.1.2

  • Fix for layout problem with buttons, toggle buttons, and separators on vertical tool bar
  • Improved implementation of borders to ensure compatibility with upcoming JDK versions
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

August 6th, 2002 - Version 1.1.1 (internal release)

  • Major improvement of overall performance
  • Enhanced look of tool bar
  • Enhanced look of menu bar
  • Support for non-opacity for button and toggle button added
  • Support for disabling of tool bar effects added
  • Fix for problem with ArrayOutOfBoundsException when removing tabs from tabbed pane

July 31st, 2002 - Version 1.1

  • Support for left-to-right component orientation (used for locales like Hebrew and Arabic)
  • Functionality for using the Alloy Look&Feel without a license file
  • Polishing of Default Theme, Glass Theme, and Bedouin Theme
  • Functionality for selecting the theme from command line
  • Improvement of overall performance
  • Icon for warning option pane replaced by more standard compliant icon with triangular shape
  • Fix for problem with VM crashing on IBM JRE 1.3.1
  • Fix for problem with repaint after system lock/unlock on Windows2000/XP
  • Fix for problem with background of pressed and selected JToggleButton not being distinguishable from unselected status
  • Fix for problem with displaying HTML-text on JToggleButton
  • Fix for problem with jnlp FileOpenService and FileCloseService
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements

June 27th, 2002 - Version 1.0.1

  • Fix for problem with displaying HTML-text on JLabel and JOptionPane
  • Fix for problem with displaying disabled JToggleButton
  • Visually enhanced decoration of JInternalFrame

June 25th, 2002 - Version 1.0

Initial Release

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